"Paying Tribute To Our Past"
722 Moody Ave., Galveston, Texas 77550 (409) 766-2340

Exhibit Preview

Here is a sample of the type of exhibit that will be on display at the new Galveston County Museum. For more information about milestones and opening date, be sure to subscribe for updates.


1870 to 1900 (Victorian & Gothic Revival Period)

The High Victorian & Gothic Period (1870-1900)

Fabulous Architects & Craftsmen of Galveston

The Grand Opera House of Galveston

Oscar Wilde and the Electric Building

Garten Verein – “An Exotic Garden & Social Club of Galveston”


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 -Galveston County Museum's Exhibit Preview-

These are just a few of the informative and exciting exhibits that will be on display for all to enjoy in the near further. From the island's humble begins to Indians, pirates and gambling there's sure to be something to interest all who visit.